Tricks Guys Play To Get A Woman Into Bed

1. He compliments you on your work ethic

He knows that if he doesn’t mention your body, you’re more likely to give it to think he is different from the ogling men you have met in the past.

But if you consider it deeply, you’d realise that there is no way he could have gauged about your work ethic by a five minute conversation.

You see, he’s just as fake as the rest of them.

2. He appreciates your friendship with your friend

He says it’s so much fun to watch you and your girl interact and that he wishes he had a best friend like that.

But he’s only just trying to disarm your friend too. You know, the one that would have told you to be careful?

Yeah, that one. Now that he has her on his side, who’s going to be your voice of reason when he works his magic on you?

3. Offers to go above and beyond

This is not to discredit truly nice guys but of course, experience should have taught you that a guy rarely does too many favours without having expectations. Sometimes, things that you might not be willing to give.

4. He uses the ‘connection’ line

Women are very keen on connection, vibe and energy. So men who pretend to be genuine to sleep with women use those words.

5. I think we could be good together

Nigerian guys know that if they don’t ask for a relationship, you might not let them get some of the cookie. So they tease you with the promise of a relationship and you being the naïve might just have fallen for it if you did not read this article.

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